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Business Description:

BAMR supplies; service & calibrate instruments to ISO for quality control including:coating thickness; ultrasonic wall thickness; moisture; laboratory paint test equipment; density; elasticity; fineness of grind; film applicators; testing meters: anemometers; infrared thermometers; temp & RH; gloss; climatic conditions; surface preparation & profiles; hardness; inspectors accessories; adhesion; porosity; metal/pipe & cable locators; distance meters; oven logger; abrasion testers and viscometers.

Street Address:

4 Palm Street



Postal Address:

PO Box 23973



Contact Details:
(021) 683-2100 (021) 674-1485
BAMR lists 95 products or services
BAMR lists 0 branches
BAMR lists 38 - Overseas Manufacturers
  • Affri (Hardness Testers) (S)

  • AZ Industrial Instrumentation (S)

  • Bacharach (Sling Hygrometer) (SA)

  • Barcol (Hardness Testers) (SA)

  • Coltraco Fire Extinguisher Levels (S)

  • Disto Laser Distance Meters (SA)

  • Elcometer (Thickness Instruments) (S)

  • Elcometer/Braive Instruments (Paint Testing Equip) (S)

  • Hedon Soluble Salts Meter

  • Keane Tator (Profile Comparator) (SA)

  • Kolectric (Re-bar Locators) (S)

  • Leica Disco Laser Distance Meters (SA)

  • Lumagny Microscopes (S)

  • Max Doser (Paper Moisture Meters) (S)

  • Portalevel Liquids & gas Level Indicators (S)

  • Protimeter (Moisture Meters) (S)

  • Protovale (Metal detectors) (S)

  • Provison Fibrescopes

  • Rhopoint (Gloss Instrumentation (S)

  • Rubert (SA)

  • Rubert (ISO Comparators) (SA)

  • Rubert (Roughness Comparators) (SA)

  • S A D T(Digital Roughness UTG Meters) (S)

  • Speedy Ashworth (Carbide Moisture Testers) (S)

  • Subsite Pipe & Metal Locators

  • Taber (Abrasers) (SA)

  • Testex (SA)

  • Testex (Profile Tapes) (S)

  • Thorne(Pit/Pipe Gauge) (SA)

  • Time (SA)

  • Time (Ultrasonic Testers) (S)

  • Time Hardness / UTG Gauges (SA)

  • Tramex Moisture (NDT Meters) (S)

  • Zeal (SA)

  • Zeal (Whirling Hygrometers) (SA)

  • Zeal Dew Point Meters (SA)

  • Zircon (S)

  • Zircon(Metal Detectors (S)