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We provide expert solutions and specialist equipment and are experienced in motion control, fine precision mechanics, optics, specialised cameras and high speed photography (research and quick, effective industrial troubleshooting).Current key products are: standard and custom raw optics and optomechanics, specialist motion equipment(fine scale - precise miniature motors and micro and nanopositioning stages) encoders, gearheads and all aspects of specialist and high speed photography and scientific imaging.

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3193 Pearl Drive

Betty's Bay


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PO Box 536

Betty's Bay


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(076) 563-2084 (086) 653-5225 www.hornet.cc
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David Horne

(076) 563-2084 (086) 653-5225
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  • Physik Instrumente Group - piezo micro and nanopositioning systems (S) - www.pi.ws